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In the vast world of social media influencers, there are a couple of names that stand out from the rest. One such title is YesJulz. With her vibrant character and entrepreneurial spirit, she has built a large following and has become an influential determine in the leisure business. But what about her courting life? In this text, we’ll take a deep dive into YesJulz’s courting history to satisfy your curiosity and learn extra in regards to the romantic aspect of this larger-than-life character.

Who is YesJulz?

Before we delve into the dating world of YesJulz, let’s first get acquainted with the girl behind the name. YesJulz, also known as Julieanna Goddard, is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and music promoter. She rose to fame through her vibrant and interesting presence on numerous social media platforms, together with Instagram, the place she has amassed over 1,000,000 followers. YesJulz is known for her charismatic persona, entrepreneurial endeavors, and connection to the music business. She has managed several artists and has curated events and concerts that have garnered attention from followers and business professionals alike.

YesJulz’s Relationship Status

Now that you have got a better understanding of who YesJulz is, let’s dive into her dating historical past. As a public figure, YesJulz’s personal life naturally attracts plenty of attention and speculation. However, in relation to her romantic relationships, she tends to maintain issues comparatively non-public. YesJulz has not overtly discussed her relationship status in latest years, leaving followers and followers to question who she could be dating or if she is presently single.

Past Relationships

While YesJulz will not be open about her present dating status, there have been a number of notable relationships in her past. Here are a few of the key individuals who’ve been romantically linked to YesJulz through the years:

  1. 99 Percent

    • YesJulz was beforehand rumored to be relationship the music duo 99 Percent. They gained recognition with their hit song "Does Ya Mama Know?" in 2017, which featured YesJulz within the music video. Their collaboration sparked speculation a couple of romantic connection between YesJulz and the duo.
  2. Unreleased possible relationships

    • Apart from 99 Percent, YesJulz has also been linked to other people in the music business. However, these rumored relationships are not confirmed, and there might be limited info obtainable to support these claims. YesJulz’s ability to maintain her personal life non-public makes it difficult to discern truth from fiction.

The Importance of Privacy

While there may be an inclination to delve into the romantic life of public figures, it is vital to respect their privateness. YesJulz, like many influencers and celebrities, has chosen to maintain her courting life out of the public eye. This decision is understandable, contemplating the immense scrutiny and invasion of privacy that comes with fame. Just as a outcome of someone chooses not to share their personal relationships with the world does not imply they are any much less attention-grabbing or deserving of admiration.


YesJulz has captivated audiences along with her vibrant personality, entrepreneurial endeavors, and connection to the music trade. While her courting historical past stays largely unknown, it’s a testament to her capability to keep her personal life non-public and concentrate on her profession. As followers, it’s essential to respect YesJulz’s boundaries and continue to help her in her professional endeavors. Whether she’s single or courting, one factor is for positive – YesJulz will proceed to make waves within the entertainment business and encourage others.


Question 1: Who is YesJulz and what is her dating history?

YesJulz, whose real title is Julieanna Goddard, is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and occasion planner. She gained prominence by way of her well-liked Snapchat account the place she showcased her glamorous way of life. While she has been linked to varied celebrities and athletes, she has not publicly disclosed detailed details about her dating historical past. Thus, specific particulars or a comprehensive list of her relationships isn’t available.

Question 2: Has YesJulz been in a high-profile relationship?

Yes, YesJulz has been in a high-profile relationship in the past. She was romantically linked to NBA player LeBron James in 2014. Their relationship gained consideration because of LeBron’s prominence as probably the greatest basketball gamers on the earth and YesJulz’s rise as a social media influencer.

Question 3: Did YesJulz date any other athletes?

Yes, YesJulz has been linked to other professional athletes. In addition to her relationship with LeBron James, she has been rumored to have dated NFL participant Von Miller. However, it is important to notice that YesJulz has not publicly confirmed or provided particulars about these relationships, so the knowledge remains unverified.

Question four: Are there any identified relationships beyond athletes?

Yes, YesJulz has additionally been related to individuals exterior the realm of professional sports. She has been noticed at occasions and parties alongside music industry figures, including rappers, DJs, and producers. However, specific particulars about these relationships, such as duration or degree of dedication, haven’t been publicly disclosed.

Question 5: How does YesJulz deal with her relationship life on social media?

YesJulz has been known to share glimpses of her private life on social media platforms, corresponding to Snapchat and Instagram. However, when it comes to her dating life, she tends to maintain a stage of privateness, choosing to not disclose too many particular particulars or publicly announce each relationship. This method allows her to maintain some stage of separation between her private and public life.

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